Monday, March 25, 2013

Berrylicious Mango Yogurt ♥ Berrylite @ Bugis+

Many thanks to Berrylite for the treat of yummy berrylicious fresh frozen yogurt!

Last week tinyceci was in town for a private event at Shanghainese Clothes Label Broadcast 播 (their clothes were so pretty for Spring! love their cardigans) featuring their 2013 Spring looks coupled with a Lancome makeup demonstration, and she hopped over to Bugis+.

Where tinyceci had a Berrylite frozen yogurt in Mango flavor!

The bf is usually not a big fan of frozen yogurts, but the freshness of berrylite's mango yogurt really blew us away! The mango yogurt had a very pale yellow, almost off white color, so we were initially skeptical if it had any mangoes in it. However, upon tasting,  Completely not artificially sweet in taste, with just a hint of fresh sweetness with natural tangy mangoes, the texture is soooo soft! I usually get brain freeze easily when i gulp down smoothies or yogurts too fast, but this yogurt managed to strike a balance between refreshingly cool and yet not TOO cold. :P

Thumbs up!!! ♥♥♥

Berrylite is currently located in 5 locations in Singapore, including Bugis+, Parkway Parade, Northpoint, Eastpoint Mall, White Sands, and Greenwich V! ^^

Check out their website here and like their facebook page!

Thanks again Berrylite!

Friday, March 22, 2013

CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors Finals Party 2013 & ♥ Playboy Fragrances Snap & Win Contest

So for many years now, tinyceci has always been nicknamed as the 'partygal' or 'playgirl', despite reality reflecting otherwise. ㅋㅋㅋ Recently, she got her hands on a really sweet smelling Playboy perfume and entered for the Playboy Fragrances Snap & Win Contest via instagram a couple of weeks ago on a whim edged on by Rella and Carissa.

Here's the original image. (Sorry for the lame boring pose lacking any form of creativity but I was in a hurry so ㅠㅠ) 

Added in a black lacy frame and a matching black + pink masquerade mask for the Playboy theme.

What do you think of tinyceci's entry for the Playboy Fragrances' Snap & Win contest? Rella and Carissa felt that it looked a little suspicious... he he he ;) 

But ah well, lo and behold:

tinyceci won priority passes to CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors' 2013 Finals Party @ Zouk and also Playboy Perfumes VIP For Him & For Her EDT!!! Rella and Carissa also won!!!♪ we are truly blessed ♥♥♥ ㅋㅋ 역시 우리가 제일 잘 나가~ im just messin' ㅋㅋㅋ 

At the CLEO Bachelors Finals Party held in Zouk

 The hosts Hossan Leong & Judee Tan were hilarious with their antics.

 In between, several stage games were thrown in sponsored by various brands. Karisa joined the one for Playboy and ended up with yet ANOTHER hamper from Playboy LOL. Sonel's friend Yingying joined the one sponsored by Contiki and won a bag.

Sonel went up for the Olympus stage games, started off with kongfu pose.

Then ballerinas. LOL. The bachelor she was paired with really reminded me of the Monkey God Sun Wukong.

*drumrolls* THE highlight of CLEO Party 2013, the crowd went totally wild with this Step-Up Channing Tatum lookalike pose. By the way, the theme for the final two couples were "in love".

The other couple were so awkward so they didn't manage to strike a pose in time, but the hosts gave them another chance and then this. The crowd went craaaaaaazy lol!!!! :D And yes, they won! But apparently the Olympus prize was just a key chain, not the actual camera. Sigh. 너무나 아쉬웠어. ㅜㅜ

Random camwhoring.

K bye! ^^♥

Thursday, March 14, 2013

☆Shiseido 10 Bright Years☆ with White Lucent event 2013 ♥

I am really thankful for the blessings that keep raining down on us lately! ^. ^

My evil twin, Rella invited me to attend the Shiseido 10 Bright Years with White Lucent event together today at Mandarin Gallery.

OMG Jacelyn Tay is sooooo gorgeous! We both gushed about how perfect her skin was and couldn't believe she is already the mother of a 20 month old boy. ^^ Only those who purchased more than 100$ were given a chance to take a picture with the lovely Jacelyn and we have to thank our lucky stars for this shot below. ^_^ Credits to Rella for the picture below with Jacelyn! She's somehow managed to edit most of the redness out of the picture! Pro!!!

Jacelyn also shared with us her secret beauty tips for fair skin without any spots or wrinkles! 
- Never sleep with any light or electronic devices around
- Use avocado oil to remove eye makeup because the oils also nourishes the thin skin around the eye area. Dry skin paves the way for wrinkles!

There were loads more tips but I couldn't remember all... ㅠ.ㅜ

We also bumped into Marcus AC from the upcoming talkshow LOL! Check out the LOLtoggle facebook page here. Marcus was there to interview Jacelyn  and we were very lucky to get a picture together with the makeup guru. :) See you on Monday Marcus!

Loads of ladies were there all dressed in white for the White Day theme. ☆ And there was also a white day candy cake to boot. :P

The pop-up store is located at Mandarin Gallery. And everyday, they are giving out free samples (subject to availability) if you swing by in white! Check out the Shiseido Facebook page for more details. 

We also each got a Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask & Full sized White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam at the event! Yay to white lucent skin~ ㅋㅋㅋ 요것들 꾸준히 쓰면 더 이뻐질 겠죠? ㅋㅋㅋ

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

♥ Cozycot Giveaway ♥ Brands Innershine Prune Essence

Yet another blessed day! 정말 메일메일 감사하는 마음으로 지내고 있음. ㅎ

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm is out! 스타 할 까 말 까 고민중... ㅋ

Gindaco Takoyaki @ Ion is really awesome. 너무 맛있었엉~~ 아앙~ +_+

tinyceci went down to Cozycot  at Orchard Central to pick up a carton of  ♥ Brands Innershine Prune Essence. There were also tons of unbelievably great deals for stuffs like hair serums, mascaras, nail polishes, deodorants, body care products, and much more at jaw dropping prices at the store! Everything from $1-$10!!! 진짜 대박! 강추! ㅋ Will definitely go down again to stock up on beauty products! ^^

Thanks Cozycot! 잘 마시겠습니당! ㅋㅋㅋ ^. ^

Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Steps to Counter Sensitive Skin Prone to Redness & Blemishes

For the record, currently I have dry, sensitive skin prone to redness. I used to have flawless healthy supple skin that didn't require any makeup up to the age of 20.

I was first introduced to the world of skincare & makeup when I first arrived in Seoul 6 years ago in late 2006. My fellow exchange school mate & room mate was this tall, model-esque Singaporean Chinese girl who was always looking perfectly radiant and stunning both in terms of her makeup and fashion sense. I brought some light moisturizer with me to Seoul, however that was less than enough to save my skin from the merciless summer sun and before recovering from the heat, my skin started to peel in the drier fall/winter weather. Needless to say, I turned to her for skincare advice when my skin started to peel.

I literally bought the exact same skincare products she used. They worked for me, so I thought, they should work for me too, right? SO WRONG!

I experimented with Lancome's blanc series, Estee Lauder's brown bottle series, Clarins and so on. They were great products, sadly they were somehow too rich for me. Then later on, I started to experiment with BB cream (I'll talk about BB creams and makeup in another post). They seemed to all work well on the first few days of trying out the products, my skin eventually broke out quite badly, requiring laser and chemical treatment together with medicine from the dermatologist. My derm told me I had used too many types of products and masks, thus causing an allergic reaction to chemicals. But eventually, after learning so much more about skincare and makeup during my stay in THEFACESHOP headquarters in Seoul, I learned that good skincare need not be expensive. In fact, many cheap skincare products use similar, if not the same formula as their 'high class' more branded counterparts. 

Through careful experimentation of a single product at a time, I finally managed to stabilize my acne and am now working out fading out scars left by acne and evening out freckled skin tone. 

My current daily skincare routine consists of (Credits of product images to their official product sites)

Step 1: Cleansing [Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash from Origins] & Exfoliating I do this only 1x a week [White Peeling Gel from IASO]

Step 3: Prep skin [Intensive Clear Conditioner from IASO]

Step 4: Toning skin [the Smim Skin Density 101.1 Toner from THEFACESHOP]

Step 5: Blemish/dark spot correcting Essence [Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution from Kiehl's] 
Step 6 : Moisturizing/repairing serum [the Smim Skin Density 101.1 Repair Serum from THEFACESHOP]

Step 7: Drying out blemishes [Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel from Origins] Only when I get pimples

Step 8: Tightening pores [Pore Tightening Silky Serum from IASO]

Step 9: Moisturizing undereyes [Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream from THEFACESHOP for Day, Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado from Kiehl's for Night] Note: I used Abyssine Eye Cream from Kiehl's before switching to THEFACESHOP's because the latter was so much cheaper and works well. I also apply the eyecream in light dots with my ring finger onto the frown lines around my mouth and neck. The lines have faded really well and they do take years off your look. :)
Step 10: Moisturizing skin [the Smim Skin Density 101.1 Emulsion from THEFACESHOP]

Step 11: Sunblock [Natural Sun AQ Oil-cut Sun Cream SPF40 from THEFACESHOP on Face, Natural Sun AQ Cooling Sun Gel on Body]

Seems like a lot, huh? ^^;;

Also, masks are a great pampering treat but limit it to once a week. If you have an important business meeting or a hot date coming up, put on a mask the night before your skincare routine and you should wake up with glowing translucent skin. Choose the moisturizing/regenerating types to be on the safe side. I personally love the Sexydoll masks from SexyLook and also the Sseal Rejuvenating Escargot masks from THEFACESHOP! ^^

Sunday, March 10, 2013

St Ives Brand Ambassador Yogafly event @ Upside Motion Turf City & Review on St Ives Smoothing in-shower Exfoliating Body Polish ^^'

tinyceci is a Brand Ambassador for St Ives! ♥

It started off with this on the St Ives Singapore facebook page

I wrote in to share with St Ives my experience with one of St Ives' products, the Smoothing in-shower exfoliating body polishTo be honest, this is my favorite from St Ives. I know many of my friends swear by the Apricot facial scrub, but somehow that was a little too rough on my thin skin. ㅠ.ㅠ This body scrub, however, I have no complains at all! 

Here's my review of the Smoothing in-shower exfoliating body polish!

"I was plagued with senstive and dry skin since young. My skin started to improve, after I started to exfoliate weekly with St Ives’ “Smoothing in-shower exfoliating body polish”. The walnut exfoliating beads are so fine and feels super comfortable. I simply love its buttery yet not overpowering smell!"

So on last Saturday, together with Carissa, me and the Brand Ambassadors of St Ives attended a session of Yogafly at Upside Motion. It was surprisingly liberating and fun! I had my fears prior to the event because when I checked the reviews for yogafly online, it seemed daunting and dangerous for someone like me who has vertigo.ㅜㅠ It may not seem much of a workout on the day itself; but I definitely felt muscles I didn't even know existed aching for the next few days! Our yogafly instructor was super bubbly and friendly, she easily got all of us to get into positions and before long, we were all literally flying like acrobats from cirque du soleil LOL. If not for the location, I think I would have been most inclined to continue going on a regular basis. Since little, I have terrible posture and I have always wanted to do something about it. Fortunately, I hear that Upside Motion is going to have another branch in town area which will be much more accessible! ^^Y

Credits to Carissa ♥
Back to the products.

I've just started trying out the Daily Hydrating Body Lotion, Energizing Citrus Body Rinse, Green Tea Cleanser and Green Tea Scrub (The Green Tea range targets skin prone to blemishes & redness). Let's see the results in a few weeks! ^^ㅋㅋㅋ 완전 기대함! ㅋㅋㅋ

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cheers to a new year of blessings ♥

Hello world!

After a 5 year hiatus from the blogging sphere, I'm back. Many friends have been asking for me to start a space where I can share my thoughts and insights on various questions from beauty stuff like "what kind of beauty products suit my skin type?", fashion stuff like "where and how do I shop for in season looks without spending a bomb", geeky gaming stuff like "what kind of laptops/PCs/GFXs should I be going for as a casual gamer?" to manga/manhwa stuff like "what's the latest most popular Japanese manga/Korean manhwa to check out?" and so on. 

So many questions.

I gave it some thought and decided that having an online space to document my findings on the inexpensive/expensive yet pretty things in life wouldn't be a bad idea, especially since recently, I find myself very blessed to be surrounded by a tight circle of very positive people who are somehow, always very lucky and I suspect they have somehow shared with me their incredible good luck in life! ^. ^ 

Here's how 2013 has started for tinyceci:

SILKYGIRL makeup hamper worth over 200$

Isn't it awesome? It's my first time trying out SILKYGIRL products! ^^ I guess I will be experimenting with all these little pretty babies after studying the makeup looks on the SILKYGIRL website!

조금 늦었지만 여러분들 새해 福 많이 받으세요~! ^^♥