Monday, July 20, 2015

Keep Cool in Summer 2015 with Bohemia style x ZALORA

When I was still in college, people always seem to ask me where I got my inspiration for my eclectic dressing style which was laid back, chic and mysterious like the travelling gypsies from the 70s. To be honest, I just felt that it was an easy way to be comfortable and NOT boring, besides from the fact that I was in love with brown and turquoise shades.

Some people believe that bohemian = cheap, which isn't true entirely. While the costs of acquiring items may vary from dirt cheap to super extravagant prices, the key to carrying off this look is to make it look luxurious a la the Olsen Twins' and Nicole Richie style. 

With the right accessories, anything can look bohemian.

Image credits: play4movie

Image credits: sharetheglam

There's an ongoing crazy sale right now on my favorite site ZALORA!!! ^^ Just look at the prices. Some pieces are going for more than 50% off~

Let's see how the Bohemian Fashion collection from ZALORA can transform and merge laid back-ness with luxurious materials such as suede and point accessories such as tassels and aviators.

First look: Bohemian Luxe OL

Who says work attire has to be all prim and proper (and all doom and gloom)? Pair a simple white tassel dress like below (hides tummy after a heavy lunch^^) with cowboy boots (Both from ZALORA) for just that hint of rebellious style and tie in the look with a chic brown work bag like this one from Tocco Tenero that plays with different textures, and you're set for work! 

Second Look: Summer Boho Chic

Rule number one in boho dressing: Keep a paisley flower dress. Pair this ditsy dress from Mango (Yes, Mango is on ZALORA ^^) with suede inner bootie wedges from EDGE, Ray Bans and a long layered necklace from Tagg for instant Olsen twin points. 

You can also pair this look with a brown hat or a brown leather jacket to tone down the girlishness. ^^

Third look: Understated Boho Rock Chic 

We really love this bodycon dress from ZALORA which is so versatile! The play on prints is nicely energized by the tassel detail slanting across the dress which has a slimming effect. 

Think it's too safe and OL looking? Here's where the black biker jacket comes in handy to jazz up the look. If jackets are too uncomfortable to wear in hot summers for you (tinyceci personally only wears jackets in non summer seasons ^^), then try matching the dress with a cool bracelet like this one below from Something Borrowed or a nice chunky statement necklace. 

Before you think this is all too black and white monochrome, we're finishing up the look with a shiny maroon pointy flats with ankle cuffs from EDGE. (I must say, EDGE has some really nice shoes which is also affordable)

Last Look: Flaming Red Boho

Are you the social butterfly, the center of attraction? Channel your inner Nicole Richie by pairing this red hot lacy playsuit from ZALORA with a comfortable yet classy pair of wedged loafers in Taupe from House of Avenues. The kimono sleeves hide that extra bit of meat on arms and is airy, thus keeping cool easily in Sunny SG!

I'd love to either wear dangly large gold earrings (like this one from Salt - Korea) or a statement golden head piece and some fishtail braids. As for bags, an oversized golden clutch would do the trick to tone the look down and make it look more laidback yet offer enough space to contain all the usual stuffs like makeup, cellphone, cards.

Like I said, frankly speaking, anything can look bohemian chic, but to make it seem luxurious, the secret is to throw in a high value and top quality item which ties in the whole look without being all too over the top. Keep tassels to one single item, but pile on the accessories! ^^ That's all for today, see y'all!~