Saturday, October 11, 2014

Twisted Fairy Tale Halloween 2014 with ZALORA x STEVE MADDEN

The month of October means two things in Korea, two public holidays (yay more rest) and painting the town red with Halloween parties (more for the expats in kimchiland but more locals are getting into it these days).

So right now, the main thing to do would be to:

Think of what to go as for Halloween parties~! ^^

Be prepared for lots of getting stared at, getting your pictures taken and EVEN MORE WALKING during trick-or-treating!

So here're some lovely shoes I'm thinking of getting for this year's Halloween. 

There's a sale going on at ZALORA for STEVE MADDEN shoes!!!! <3 I remember how PR manager, Sabrina from STEVE MADDEN, was soooo super nice when I did a mini photoshoot with them at their store in ION orchard. The sponsored heels I received from them is still great after so long~~ ^^
 nothing like those rubbish brands which literally break after wearing them twice to parties.

Here's the link! Shop STEVE MADDEN yay!
(Erm, my computer and laptop both died one after another in a month so I'm actually trying to blog from the blogger app from AppStore. Sorry for the un-pretty way of linking urls folks! ㅠㅠㅠ Blogger should really add the insert URL function in the app *HINT HINT)

<<EDITED THE LINK to be embedded!>>

Some are not really on sale but they're all sooooo pretty~!!!! 다 갖고 싶어잉~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ 어떻게 정말~ 큰일 났어 ~

(Essentially a green pixie look with wings)

(GOLD GOLD & more GOLD! Thick cat eye eyeliner and nuff said for this Queen of Egypt)

(this 백설공주 will be rocking Sapphire Blue shoes with yellow/blue dress and cherry red lips with matching blue colored contact lenses for the fair ladies~!) ^^

 (Don't you just love how the chains give it a funky rock feel? I have a matching red cape hooded coat that's as cute as a button for this look! Easiest to rock IMHO)

Comes in black too. If anyone's interested in a super versatile shoe for the usual gothic 마녀, 뱀파이어 (witch, vampire) look. Might work for gothic Lolitas too ^___^

( Earthy brown + all colors of the wind in the look! Don't forget to don a feather headband to channel your inner Tribal Princess. I love how this one comes in an esparadrille form, making it super walking friendly ^^)
(눈의영왕 was one of my favorite K-drama of all time, off topic I know haha. Okay, I love how this futuristic looking shoe is versatile in the sense that it could be a good substitute for a "snow" look and also double as a TRON-ish look. It definitely looks like something I'd wear to the Seoul Fashion Week)

(hardly party-ish but COMFORTABLE. The 여신 look in KR is almost always coupled with a flowing drape-y maxi dress. Go with a golden leaf hair crown and a long layered toga dress for this comfortable look that can double as a date outfit too on a lazy Sunday afternoon in town)

(This shoe is too sexy! If leather and tight cuffs are your thing, or, fifty shades of gray. ;) )

(I know she isn't really a fairy tale character either, but this shoe really brings out the classy timeless air of a real life princess, doesn't it?)

(before she became evil? If you've watched the movie, you'd know that Angelina Jolie's Maleficient had this brown harpy-ish look before she turned doom and gloom after betrayal from Aurora's father. I know she didn't really wear shoes, but this would still be in line with the woody, brown forest fairy look ^^)

(this reminds me of how my dear kimchi/UK gf JiJi came up with her crazy bloodied ninja look for a Halloween years ago together with a stick for a weapon. Totally cosplay worthy I tell you. Anyways, it seems this series comes in a variety of colors so if black isn't your thing for a shinobi Hime look, there're loads of other colors to choose from ^^. Just wear a big plain kimono-ish top as a mini dress together with this and you're good to go!)

Which look caught your eye? 다 너ㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓ무 이쁘지? 

Haha have a smashing Halloween everyone~~~! Suddenly having a craving for the seasonal 호박라떼 (pumpkin latte) 

Have fun shopping and don't drink too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^_~ 바이~~~~