Monday, January 26, 2015

[Babeetown x tinyceci] 5 Tips on Planning your Clothing Budget for your Little One

New parents would find themselves excitedly buying up every single cute item in anticipation of the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Be it clothing, shoes, socks or onesies.

There're some seasoned parents who swear by buying a few sizes bigger and those who insist on buying well-fitted, and branded clothing to pamper their little one, because, they want to give the best to their kids. 

So, who's right?

For new or to-be parents, very often than not, the increase in expenses for a child is often phenomenal. They often have to worry about other purchases like housing or car loans. Children grow up really fast. 

Just how do we plan our budget wisely in terms of clothing for children?

1. Invest in long unisex pants
Onesies may look cute, but our top pick is to choose long pants with enough allowance in the leg hole. When the baby is little, you can choose to do a roll-up look which still looks fashionable and trendy. Simply roll down when your little man or little lady grows taller and bigger! ^^

2. Get spaghetti-strapped dresses which made of stretchy material and of babydoll cutting
Go a few sizes up and tie a knot on the straps so that it will fit your little princess, simply readjust the knot when she grows taller! Stretchy material and babydoll styles ensures a longer shelf life for the dress since it would still look fitted, but have enough allowance when your child grows bigger.

3. Pick long sleeved jersey tee-shirts over short sleeved fitted ones
Same logic as the long pants, you can always roll up the sleeves and go for a smart, casual laid back look. Remember to buy a size or two bigger so that the sleeve trunk can fit your kid when he or she grows bigger! Jersey tee-shirts tend to be more stretchy and well ventilated so your child will be comfortable running around wearing these.

4. Pick tee-shirts/blouses which are longer in length
This will ensure that they won't be too short when your child grows taller! Pick a long empire cut top like this to let your little princess wear it as a dress/ one-piece when little and as a top when she grows a little taller. ^^

5. Buy branded clothing only when they hit 2 and above
Babies tend to outgrow their onesies and clothing really quickly in the first 2 years, they still grow rather quickly after 2 but at least if you follow tips 1-3, the clothes should last them till 5-6 years old.

Or, simply buy designer-inspired clothing from stores like Babeetown which ensures pocket friendly stylish pieces with quality.

Babeetown is a Singapore and Seoul based online store specializing in designer fashion for children aged 0 to 6.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Prep your makeup look with ZALORA x Stila for Valentine's Day! ^^

In Korea, after Christmas, Valentine's Day is the next most important annual event for a couple. Nope, they don't really do the whole westernised gift exchange thingy we do in Singapore. But like the Japanese, the Korean females will give chocolate to their desired male counterparts to "confess" (?) their feelings and on March 14, White Day, that's when the ladies know if their feelings are reciprocated. (Check out my other post last year on White Day in Japan and Korea!)

Okay, so anyway, it's really a big deal to look pretty on V-day in Korea. You'd see gals looking extra pretty, complete with super rosy cheeks and "just bitten" gradient lips with flawless complexion decked out in pretty outfits EVERYWHERE. ^^ Actually, Korean ladies look impeccable every day. It's part of the culture to look good! 

Last Christmas, I was browsing in Sephora looking for last minute gifts and spotted this lovely hippie set by Stila makeup. Been wondering if I should get it but it was a little pricey. Yeah, there're 8 mini lippies in it but oh my, they're now available on ZALORA!!!!! (my online go-to store for everything to do with clothing and makeup!) 

ANDDDD. To top it off, it's only 2/3 of the original price!!!! 
 OMG. MUST BUY. At 39$, for 8 colors,
this is a steal! 

The other items to complete the perfect romantic girly look:

1) Sunblock is another MUST-HAVE in Sunny Singapore to protect your skin from harmful rays that ages skin rapidly. Today, a neighbor thought I'm 12 years younger than my actual age, and commented that I'm really fair. ^^ (Okay, being fair may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in kimchiland, fair = beauty. So, to each his or her own. ^^) I really think it's the sunblock-ing habit that started in Korea that saved my skin. I only regret not starting earlier.

Creates a super sheer, natural finish,
perfect for the 쌩얼 (bare faced) look.
2) Primer is an optional step. (It makes the overall complexion look more even) But Stila's One Step Correct is highly raved about and it's really amazing how it really corrects and evens skin tone while moisturising at the same time! ^^
One of the best-sellers.
I love the texture of this!
3) Eyeliner is a MUST in Korean makeup. Seriously, even middle school girls put on eyeliner to school, apart from foundation. Unfortunately for tinyceci, she's one of the rare breeds who can't seem to carry off eyeliner looks without looking too, quote, "bitchy" and "cold". Or maybe, she just needs to improve her drawing skills. LOL.

Eyeliner to do the Korean-y cat eye flick.
4) Eye Shadow with some pearl sparkle really brings attention to the eyes and lights up the whole face. I think this is great for Singaporean daily wear as well since the trend here is to keep everyone pretty much simple and subtle, lest people ask, "You going wedding? Why so wayang?"
Romantic pink with metallic finish
will make your eyes extra sparkling!
5) Lipglaze from Stila is seriously the best. While I'm not a fan of the twist mechanics, too much product tend to leak out, >< but the colors are so wearable and buildable, you can create so many different lip looks!
Love this set so much!

Have fun experimenting the perfect makeup look to charm your love! ^^