Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Favorite Make Up Wonderland: SEPHORA x ZALORA

So on Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago which coincided with Korea's Parents' Day (어버이날) in the same week, tinyceci brought her mother out to town for a day of pampering and shopping. We had some nice coffee at Costa Coffee in Plaza Singapura (super nice lady barista gave us a free one for one, + two free drink coupons and awesome service), bought a new dish dryer with lifetime warranty (me likey) for mom from Song-Cho (yes, that expensive chicken brand), and a pair of slippers for her to be comfy in whilst waiting for our spa manicure + pedicure sponsored by Fave Prestige at Orchard Centre Point to dry.

Then, we hopped over to...........................  SEPHORA!

She has never been to SEPHORA a.k.a Make Up Wonderland and has always bought her makeup /skincare from the usual department stores/ drug stores, so it was really a big eye opener for her. ㅋㅋㅋ

What is even more AMAZING, is that SEPHORA shopping can now be done online too via ZALORA ZOMGGG! 캬~~~~~


We were eye dazzled by all the brands in pretty packaging, ended up picking up some chap sticks from Burt's Bees, an eye/cheek/lip palette from NYX and lipstick from Marc Jacobs for mom.

We saw this as well at the physical store, but mom wasn't sure if she would use all the colors there as she said it looked too "young" for her. But, it closes to become a cute pretty bag! It's super handy and has all the basic essentials! And tinyceci loves things with pretty packaging. ^^ At least now we can just pick it up online and have them delivered to the house! (MY FAV PART TEE HEE) 모든 것 다 배달 시키면 편하다니까.

Definitely a must-have staple in the handbag to handle emergency situations like last minute meet-ups or a quick make up transformation from Day to Night for a little cocktail party.

I also use this at home! It's super light weight and fast absorbing, without leaving a sticky after feeling. It might be a little pricey though.

Since there's free delivery above $40 on the SEPHORA page on ZALORA, I think a great buy would be this!
Just looking at the sheer number of colors makes me happy ^^ So pretty and spoilt for choice~~~~ 이쁨 이쁨 ~~~~~ *^0^*

Hope to see more stuff like the SEPHORA brushes, brush sets, manicure sets on ZALORA soon! ^___^