Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Review] Skinmiso x Wishtrend T-zone Serum

The first signs of aging starts before the age of 29.

I'm 28 this year, and I'm already starting to feel panicky because recently, I found visible pores in the patch between my cheeks and my nose! Something like this part here... ㅠ.ㅠ

And blackheads, white heads are becoming a real issue on my t-zone too. My skin has always been on the dry side, but ever since I moved to Singapore, it has adjusted to the humidity and became more combination, dry (inner dry but outer oily on the T-zone).

Many of us rely on black head peels to regularly remove black heads. However, when we do so, our pores are opened and widened, not many remember to tighten and close up the pores to prevent impurities in the environment from entering the skin and irritating it. That's why sometimes, certain people say that black head peels actually lead to bigger pores. It's not the peels that's the issue in my opinion; it's the fact that they forget to tighten the pores after they yank the black heads out of the skin that widens pores.

A few years ago, I started using a combination of different serums for different purposes (hydrating, firming, whitening, clearing spots, pore tightening). I love my pore tightening serum from Korea's derm, but it's running out... T.T So when Wishtrend sent me this T-zone serum from Skinmiso, I was hoping this would be a good replacement for my pore tightening serum.

1. The Product


2. Price

USD34.99 on wishtrend.com

3. Packaging

With a simple light blue on white color motif, the packaging looks clean cut. I wouldn't say it looks very expensive just from the packaging because there is no inner angled flap holding the nozzle bottle in place, however there IS an reinforced thicker paper inside the box, so the box doesn't feel too flimsy. The glass bottle itself is a fat cylindrical bottle, pretty cute looking and looks like it can last a long time.

I love nozzle drip bottles. Better control of amount, and you feel like a chemist. Nuff said.

The side of the box that is in Korean. Basically translates into the following:
(1) Functions of the serum: 
- To tighten T-zone pore and boost elasticity
- Also helps to whiten the skin

(2) Directions: 
After toning the skin lightly, use an appropriate amount of the serum and softly spread onto the t-zone skin, tap lightly all over the skin until fully absorbed.

(3) Things to take note of: 
The usual, stop using immediately when the product doesn't suit the skin; when red spots, itch etc occur. Keep in a cool and dry place. Don't use on broken skin etc.

4. Shelf Life

Produced on 6th May 2013, and expires two years later on 2015.

5. Ingredient List

YAY lots of plant/floral extracts, no wonder there is a hint of floral smell that seems quite natural. (list taken from wishtrend.com)

6. Functions

(taken from wishtrend.com)

+ Pore Tightening

+ Pore Purifying

+ Control Excessive Sebum

+ Skin Elasticity

+ Actualize Velvet-looking skin 

7. Application

Here we put the serum to the test! tinyceci first tried it out on the back of her hand to test for texture. It actually feels pretty watery and not very thick, and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Skin really feels mattified on first use. 
tinyceci has been using this serum for two weeks. Whilst it does tighten pores and matifies the skin (the oil control on t-zone is pretty awesome), tinyceci's new facial beautician/the lovely lady boss Veronica commented that my t-zone is oily but so dehydrated from the inside, she was having SO MUCH TROUBLE getting the blackheads/whiteheads off my nose! ㅠ.ㅠ(from Nourish Naturally, go check them out! I think this is one of the few facial/nail salons in Singapore that has awesome quality facials with a personal touch.)

Lesson learned: I should have used a blackhead remover first (as recommended on the site) and then a deeply hydrating serum before using this SKINMISO T-zone serum. I'd imagine it to have much better effects next month! Maybe I should try these two as well~ ㅋㅋㅋ


Feels very nice on skin
Easy to apply with nozzle drip
Really matifies skin
Skin feels soft and even without bumps from pores
Unisex, get your boyfriend, brother or dad to use this to get rid of strawberry noses
Quite a lot of product in the bottle, will last at least half a year to a year

YOU MUST exfoliate and remove all blackheads, whiteheads first for best results

Recommended for: 
- Ladies and Gents with oily T-zone, big pores, uneven skin texture
- Those who need better control oil/sebum production under makeup

Not Recommended for:
- Those who have completely dry skin 

Want to try this product? 
Check out the wishtrend site!