Monday, June 17, 2013

[Review] Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream

I have a love & hate relationship with BB creams which goes all the way back to year 2006, where I first moved to Seoul and started out using BB creams. I started with Hanskin, and was totally blown away by the almost "magical" qualities BB creams have in correcting the skin tone and flaws. Although blessed with almost no breakouts in my pubescent years, I have always been very self conscious of my freckles since I was a little girl, which only worsened as I grew older because of the lack of sunblock usage. I didn't realize the BB cream I was using clogged up my pores, and before long, I had the worst break out ever lasting for almost 1.5 years! Obviously it wasn't as serious as Singaporean blogger Bun Bun's case, but still it was to the extent where I couldn't wear makeup to conceal my acne and nothing, IPL or chemical peels or what nots, could heal me. I was totally devastated and gave up on BB cream. Went back to using foundation for the next few years until two years ago, I found a BB cream from a Korean dermatological brand which didn't break me out and stuck with it ever since.

I have been hearing my Korean girlfriends rave about Klairs for the longest time. One of my former coworkers in TFS who's now in Nivea Korea, swears by Klairs from skincare to makeup! To be honest, I was pretty skeptical of Klairs initially because too many Korean brands have been trying to "sound western" and doing the kiehl's style of marketing floating around. So, when I was presented with this Klairs BB cream from wishtrend, I immediately checked out all the Korean reviews in Daum and naver. And OMG, I was really surprised at how many positive reviews Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream received!

1. The Product

Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream 
SPF40, PA+++

THERE IS NO ANIMAL TESTING!!! ^_______________^

It is also:

Alcohol Free and Paraben Free
Great to know for skin care ingredient freaks like tinyceci.

2. Price 
Currently retails for USD18.50 at 20% off (usual price USD22.99) on 

3. Packaging

I love this toothpaste-like tube packaging! Unlike most other BB creams which comes in an oblong squeeze tube form, this one comes in a long, thin tube form, sort of like 페리오 (perioe) mini? It feels really handy, although it wasn't really that much easier to squeeze out the BB cream. Okay, I'm just really into pretty packaging! ^^   

Here's 페리오 치약 for reference ㅋㅋㅋ

Another plus point is the clever use of an angular flap within the box to prevent the product from moving around! I love the monogram of klairs imprinted on the innerside of the box, so pretty~~ ㅋ ♥ It really adds on to the sophistication of the packaging. ^^

One thing that tinyceci didn't really like was that the nozzle didn't come vacuum sealed. Luckily, it felt pretty tightly closed when tiny first opened it so there shouldn't be any pre-oxidization of the product. ^^
Also, there's a small typo 오타 on the word "illuminating" on both the box and the product itself. Spelled as "illuminaiting". Hope dear klairs correct this little mistake on their next batch of products! ^^

4. Shelf Life
Most BB creams have a shelf life of 12 months once opened. Same for this BB cream!

The date of expiry is 5th May 2015 which is pretty okay, and omg 05.05.05? lol! What an awesome coincidence! ^^

5. Ingredient list
I've read many Korean reviews raving about this BB cream being THE BB cream for sensitive skin, and true enough, the ingredients look really okay on a glance.
Ingredient list in 한국어

Ingredient list in English
On the English label, it is stated that the BB cream shouldn't be used on broken skin, and that we should avoid using on blemishes, pimple, irritated or sunburned skin. However, there's nothing like that in the Korean label. Looks like we will have to test it out to find out if this BB will cause break outs or not. ㅎㅎ

6. Functions

I took this from the original Korean site; and basically this Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream can apparently:

1) Correct the original skin tone without altering your original skin color. So no more worries about having an alien head with different skin tone from the rest of your body~

2) 3-pronged function with "Moisture Battery" Hyaluronic Acid! Basically it has suncare, whitening and wrinkle correcting, so fret no more about BB cream drying out your skin~

3) Sunblock + Primer + Finish = great for busy ladies who want to finish makeup in 5 minutes! If you apply this in the morning, the sebum control powder particles will make sure that your skin remains dewy and fresh up till afternoon. :)

6. Oil Blotter Test
Taken from the original site, Klairs BB is touted to less oily then other BBs. Check this picture for a comparison between Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream vs another brand before and after 30 minutes.
The bottom left and right pictures also show how Klairs' BB is not sticky. ^^ Definitely a plus point.

Seems like this would be a good product for ladies with oily, combination skin!

7. Application
I have combination/dry skin, FYI. 

Tried applying it on two occasions, once for 5 hours, went out and stayed in an indoor environment. And another today, for about 4 hours, in a mostly outdoor environment.

In both indoor and outdoors, I didn't have the feeling that my makeup was melting or that icky oily feeling. It was very comfortable wearing Klairs BB out and running about. However, when I blotted my forehead, the paper was completely soaked. tinyceci has inner dry outer oily skin, especially serious on the T-zone, so my guess is my T-zone overcompensated. My other BB cream, however, did not secrete that much oil.

8. Color Tone Comparison

Took this from the original website too! The Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream is definitely much brighter than other brands. It looks a little more yellow toned than others and thus looks more suitable for Asian skin with yellow undertones.

tinyceci has more of a fair skin with pink undertones, I use Chanel BR20, MAC NC20.


Easy to apply
Just a little product is enough to cover the whole face
Provides a dewy finish and very comfortable to wear out in hot weather
Doesn't ashen out or darken as the day goes on
Pretty and handy packaging
Smells like soap? :P

Too much oil secretion for inner dry skin type

Recommended for:

- Ladies with normal, oily skin type looking for sebum control type BB cream
- Skin with yellow undertones
- Great for summer!

Not Recommended for:

- Those who dislike soapy scents
- Those who tend to have inner dry but outside oily skin

Want it?

Get it here from the wishtrend site or from qoo10!