Sunday, March 15, 2015

Embrace Lovely Spring: Dip Drops x ZALORA

A while ago, I attended the Dip Drops x Rosebullet fashion showcase at Clarke Quay and was blown away by how beautiful, slim and leggy the models were. Despite being Japanese brands, the models featured were mostly non-Asians, but somehow they managed to pull of the whole Japanese-y Shibuya/Harakuju feel. 

It was love at first sight with the shoes they wore.

So, I tried to pop by the stores located in town to check the actual products and prices, but was bugged by the sales people who spoke garish ching-chong-Singlish/Manglish? and it felt stifling to have someone breathing down my neck as I browsed through the items. Never went back again. ㅠㅠ

Joyce dropped me an email sharing with me some great news! ^^ 

Dip Drops is now on ZALORA!

My shopping mode of choice has always been online, and I present to you the cool finds for this season from Dip Drops:

Now that Spring is right at our doorsteps, the collection mainly features Spring items. 옷이 보니 딱 봄이 오는 모양이네. ^^ The keywords for this collection: Ruffles and Ribbons.

This quirky shade of blue
and ultra soft texture
exudes regal classiness while
 ruffles keep it flirty and casual! ^^ 

Pair the shorts with neutrals
like white, sand and ochre,
and a "point" like this star cardigan
or sling on a bright colored bag
for extra chic points.
The basic long khaki pants with a twist.
Rolled up to capri length and
paired with matching heels
(instant Japanese-y style),
we love how the
ruched trimmings at the waist
give an elegant touch to girly ruffles.

Rule number 1 in J-fashion.
Leopard print it = kawaii ^^
Wear this with any basics! 
We love the ribbon-as-ruffles
on this drape-y shorts in mint!
Refreshing color for Spring.
This design was super popular in Seoul
a few years back, and has been a favorite
to wear in Spring since then.

Ribbons on the back of knit wear
are just too pretty~

Star Buy~ You get the feminine knit top
with the flirty polka dot skirt
for the price of one!
Tip: Layer the knitted top on top of a caged bralet
to accommodate SG's  humid weather.

Yea, the prices are still a little pricey. But if you can make it in time for ZALORA's 3rd Bday sale, still a pretty good haul!

Before I forget,

Happy 3rd Birthday ZALORA! ^^ 생일 축하 드립니다!

Hope they can continue to bring in more brands from abroad with discountsssssssssss. ^^