Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Mini Boy Style Icons to Follow when Dressing your Son up [Babeetown x tinyceci] Part II

Did you enjoy our previous post on how to dress your daughter up in Korean designer clothes inspired by Hollywood fashion?

Here's part II of the installation: the boy version!

Korea isn't just known for dressing up, but this country of kimchi is also famous for being able to recreate haute couture looks for cheap. It seems now there's now good news for local Singaporean parents wishing to dress their kids up like k-pop or Hollywood stars with Babeetown in town ^^.
A quick refresher: 

Babeetown is a Singapore and Seoul based online store specializing in designer fashion for children aged 0 to 6, and they are here to share with us a series of changing landscapes of children fashion. 

Here's a how-to style guide for your little princes 어린왕자. ^^

1. Romeo Beckham (Son of David and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham)

For the budding classic English gentleman
Are you in love with the classy Englishman style of checkered prints and plaits? Take it from Burberry's new posterboy, Romeo, to learn how to dress your boy like a true blue English gentleman with poise and manners.

Apart from suits and jackets, Romeo's street style, is pretty standard English chill gear with nicely coordinated colors. We love the oscar tee shirt look here! ^^ Well, when your mom is posh spice, how can one not be classy right? ^-~ Stick to the basics and baggy, but not too long.

Casual Hoody Cardigan in Melange

2. Maddox Jolie-Pitt (Adopted son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)

For the individualist with some spunk
Maddox has always been in the spotlight for his unique dressing style since he was a tiny toddler. He has been know to be vocal about what he likes to wear. If your little toddler prefers to mix and match items from everywhere but still look cool, here's your role model to look at. Check out how he sports a wrist band in green stripes to harmonise with the rest of his look while using green as a point focus. ^^

Stick to the greys and monochrome patterns with a small dash of color on a key focus.
Casual Baggy Pants in Grey

3. Skyler Berman (Famous Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe's son)

For Hollywood Street Glamour
Don't you just adore Skyler Berman's cherubic cheeks and angelic oh-so-blue eyes? The layering of clothes by his mother is genius, and not overdone.

How do you dress your son up like this little angel over here? The answer: nicely coordinated pant suits, shoes and hats. Lots of blues too.

Basic Pocket T-Shirt

4. Alonso Mateo (Instagram style icon. Son of freelance stylist Luisa Fernanda Espinosa)

For the Instagram King and model wannabes
If your child loves the camera and limelight, maybe a more Ralph Lauren-ish style would suit him better. Looking spiffy in tees and shirts, Alonso shows us how to rock bermudas with graphic tees and shades.

Get the look! Roll up the sleeves of the Reglan Tee and jeans for this look. Match the runway look with cool shades and a nice pair of shoes and you're good to go. 

Tip: when you buy jeans for your toddler, make sure you get the one with stretchy waistbands like this one. So even when they grow a little bigger, they can still fit into it!

Denim Stretchable Jean

Reglan Tee-Shirt in Grey

5.Kingston Rossdale (Son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)

For the "Rock Star in making"
Unconventional and unbridled, this rocker look is surprisingly versatile and very wearable in Summer with the focus of cool graphic tees, jeans and bermuda shorts.

This one's for those who love colors and crazy prints. AND graphic tees.

Psychedelic prints for your rockstar baby!

[Infant] Circle Body Suit

[Infant] Circle Socks

Brought to you by tinyceci x Babeetown!

Monday, December 29, 2014

5 Mini Girl Style Icons to Follow when Dressing your Daughter up [Babeetown x tinyceci] Part I

Who says style icons are only for adults? In the recent years, we see a growing trend of mini "haute" idols with their impeccable fashion sense, their ever growing fan base on pinterest and instagram, and landing sponsorships with prestigious brands. Today tinyceci is honored to have Babeetown, a Singapore and Seoul based online store specializing in designer fashion for children aged 0 to 6, to share with us a series of changing landscapes of children fashion. 

In the past, parents used to think little girls only like pink and frilly frocks and little boys just wear blue pants. But that is considered to be standard "kiddy" attire (BORING) nowadays, and that ain't cool enough for mini fashionistas anymore.

Don't you just want to give your little girls and boys the best? Want to but don't know where to start looking for nice clothes and accessories?

Korea isn't just known for dressing up, but this country of kimchi is also famous for being able to recreate haute couture looks for cheap. It seems now there's now good news for local Singaporean parents wishing to dress their kids up like k-pop or Hollywood stars with Babeetown in town ^^.

Here's a how-to style guide for your little princesses.

1. Suri Cruise (Daughter of Tom Cruise)

For the Girly Girl
A popular and easy to match dressing style, look to Suri Cruise for tips on how to dress your little princess up in dresses and leggings with cute pumps.

For dresses, stick to babydoll, empire cuttings in solids or floral prints to carry off a style even a duchess would follow. White, navy, royal blue, red, and bright colors generally fall into safe range of colors to wear for stylish baby girl toddlers as compared to pink and purple.

Classic Checkered Dress in Mint

2. Alia Wang (Niece of Alexander Wang)

For the Funky Street Stylista
If mix and match street style is more your cup of tea, not to worry, here’s Alia Wang to refer to for kiddy street style with a dash of class. Check out how she rocks socks with slippers. Her black princess ensemble is actually a two-piece put together using a frilly top in navy black and a skort/bloomer in black with a similar design. We love her red Mary Janes with leopard prints which gives this princess look a dash of spunk!

For a savvy street style to put on your kid, try monochrome color combinations with loose fit tees (kids tend to outgrow their clothes really fast) and keep the details clean.
Natural Long Dress in Khaki

3. Willow Smith (Daughter of Will Smith)

For the Individualist
If your daughter prefers to stand out from the rest without following fashion trends, there's Willow Smith to look up to for an example. Edgy yet sophisticated, focus on a few unique pieces with interesting textures like latex, leather, patent leather, felt or velvet in funky prints while keeping the rest simple.

Pair this with a cool jacket or cardigan to keep your lil one edgy yet toasty.
Trendy Zip Up in Red

Flared Skirt Leggings in Melange

4. Alaia Rose (Daughter of Monica Rose - Stylist to the Kardashians)

For Lovers of High Fashion and Old Hollywood Glamour
If your little princess loves Hollywood glamour or dressing up every day, why not try some styling tips from top stylist Monica Rose as seen on her daughter Alaia? Try the classic Audrey Hepburn style, preppy little Chanelista, or Hollywood star street style with a little muffler and rolled up pants.

Translating expensive looks into affordable-but-similar ones is our forte. Try this. Looks super expensive, doesn't it? Our editor's pick from Babeetown is this beautiful ribbon dress in floral prints, at only SGD 35, it's a steal.
Rose Blossom Dress in White

 5. Honor Marie Warren (Daughter of Jessica Alba)

For the Bohemian Chic
Want something that's super wearable all year round? Honor Warren's style has a bohemian flair to it with cool graphic prints; she keeps it simple by matching the rest of the outfit with a central color scheme.

We like this cool toddler's choice in prints. Comfort in style just like her mommy Jessica Alba.
Stripe Long Sleeve Tee in Red

Soft Denim Skinny Pants in Navy

Brought to you by tinyceci x Babeetown!

Check out designer children fashion from Seoul right now!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Early Shopping @ ZALORA for CNY Frocks

I know it's a little early to be talking about Lunar New Year when Christmas isn't even here yet but hey, it pays to start thinking and looking out for pretty stuff early for CNY because we sure don't want to bump into another wearing those last-minute-bought-and-randomly-put-together outfits during house visits for Ang Baos!

For my Korean/Japanese/Rest of the world friends and readers:

Ang Bao / Hong Bao (홍바오/ 빩간 봉투) = Red Packet literally (and it's a money envelope given to children/unmarried Singles by married elders. It's much similar to the greeting money you get in Korea when you do the bowing ceremony during Seollal & Chuseok) ^^

Andddd obviously, THE lucky color to wear is RED because it's the color that drove away the monster NIAN (which means year in Chinese) in the Chinese legend.

I remember growing up in years where red was associated with being garish, and too wayang, so although I liked red, I did not have a single piece of clothing in red, pink, orange, nor yellow.

Browsing through the ZALORA CNY Boutique, I must admit that I was a little disappointed to see that they recycled the same visuals as last year's, but hey, they're still pretty.

SHOP ZALORA CNY Boutique for some great deals!
As this is early CNY shopping, there're some perks, picked out a few great deals from Clothier which are extremely pocket friendly and also versatile in that they can be worn for other occasions like work or a formal dinner event. I love how Clothier blends a twist of modernity with the traditional Chinese "qipao" costume and makes it so wearable. ^^

Here's tinyceci's "must buy" pick! At 38$, this dress is a steal! And it's red~ A safe option for CNY and good luck.
Contrast collar and hem point feature
with an universally complimenting v-neck line,
 this dress can take you through
all of CNY, wedding dinners, and work!
If budget isn't really your concern, may I suggest this gorgeous piece instead? The psychedelic colors immediately jumped out at me - I'm sure one will be the center of attraction wearing this to "bai nian", or even to wedding dinners. I would love to wear this for my own tea ceremony when I get married! ㅋㅋㅋ
Mandarin collar feature with traditional fit
cheongsam in vivid floral prints.
Ideal for the classy woman,

Back to wearable pieces, this one is for denim lovers (with lace)! A touch of casual-ness and femininity with the strictly formal qipao. The A-line cutting ensures that even those with fuller bottoms will fit nicely into this dress without feeling like a dumpling. ㅎㅎ

The sweetest and figure friendly qipao ever!
Now you don't have to worry about being
overdressed in a cheongsam
nor bursting at the seams after eating anymore^^

Last but not least, if a dress isn't really your cup of tea, or if you're more of a mix-and-match lady, why not go for this simple and understated cheongsam-inspired top which is SUPER work friendly? No crazy prints, just a tinge of floral on simple white base.
With a hint of green floral fabric detail,
this cheongsam top has a comfortable
boat neck cutting and allowance at the waistline.
Great for an understated CNY look.

 That's all folks! Hope you avoid last minute CNY shopping this 2015! ^^ㅋㅋㅋ 세옷들이 미리미리 준비 하세요~