Monday, September 28, 2015

We can now shop online for Topshop Singapore! ^^

Seriously, shopping online is becoming more and more convenient so rapidly in Singapore (I'm not complaining), it's a serious challenge to limit my expenditure on shopping! :D

I was first introduced to the UK brand TOPSHOP back in Victoria Junior College days. Shopping (mostly window shopping since we were all poor students living on allowances back then HAHA ^^) in Orchard was a weekly affair and I remember my first purchase from TOPSHOP to be an off-white Ivory woolen sweater for 60SGD. This was one of my favorite tops for chilly winters in Seoul years later.

I have to admit: living in Seoul for so many years have made me drift apart from Topshop since we didn't actually have Topshop in Seoul.

When I moved to Singapore, the habit of shopping online stuck, and I still rarely buy stuff in B&M stores. It's a really great thing to see Topshop Singapore on ZALORA! ^^

Instantly, I'm reminded of the subtle UK chic Je ne sais quoi quality that I was attracted to. The prices are still on the mid-high side, despite cheaper alternatives now widely available. But I guess it's still acceptable since my Topshop stuff seem to last really long! ^^

Here're some looks to channel your inner Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne!

First up, match a mini dress in a cute print with boyish boots with some edge. We love how the fringe details gives the heart details an unbridled free spiritedness that is so Cara Delevingne~! ^^

The second look that feels super TOPSHOP-y to me is the classic Kate Moss look consisting of a tunic dress with a fitted sleeve that cuts at the elbow with sexy heels. This look also works with pointy flats.

We simply love how this bag pops out and it's in such a refreshing color! ^^

For a more relaxed lazy Sunday look, try pairing a paisley or floral dress with little details like this one on the side for hints of sexiness without going over the top.

Let's channel our inner English Rose with Topshop!~ ^^