Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mango Summer Sale is Online!

In Korea, there're 3-4 major sale events in a whole year. Every Summer, just like SG's Great Singapore Sale (GSS), kimchiland has the Seoul Summer Sale (서울 여름 세일)! ^^ 

Year after year, my then kimchi based Kiwi-Arabian BFF Alwin and I would rush down to our mother base, Myeong Dong to check the sales at the "usual suspects", Mango 망고, Zara 자라, F21 and H&M. Obviously, the local Korean homegrown brands also have great discounts and all. However, for the latter, unless it's designer, I usually just stick to sussing the same designs I see on the streets online and purchase them on GMarket. The cutting usually runs small (way smaller than the images) and that works for my petite size. ^^

But every single time, I noticed that the prices in Mango is wayyyyyyyy steep in the stores without sale ㅠㅠ, even though there's so many cute stuffs I want to get, and by the time Sale time arrives, my sizes are all gone.  And I hate rubbing shoulders with other ladies in a packed store with never ending queues ㅠ________ㅠ

The same situation is exacerbated in local SG, especially during GSS, simply because:
1. we only have Summer/Monsoon so every one rushes to get the nicer S/S style clothes
2. SG is overcrowded

That's all about to change since, now we can all shop the MANGO sale online on ZALORA! It seems that cool brands are becoming available online one by one on ZALORA SG!  YAY~ㅅ.ㅅ
The MANGO Sale is now on ZALORA! 70% off WOO HOO 오 예~
The MANGO Sale is really awesome! Lots of cute stuff to get under 30$~ ^.^ 

Looking to get these comfy airy summer dresses:

Did you notice how tinyceci's choices tend to be within the neutrals colors? Koreans, unlike their quirky neighbors, the Japanese, tend to be more "uniformed" (?) in their dressing and unless a certain bright color is IN season, people usually stick to the "safer colors" to "not stand out" (we call that "눈에 띄어" in Korean which is somewhat like an eyesore). So yeah. If there's an IN item, and you don't have that, you're out of the trend, which is bad too. 

A quick tip to dressing like a Korean:

- Stick to the neutrals with interesting textures or fabrics. 
- Layer on different textures of the same color
- Accessorize!
- Matching shoes (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! My kimchi friends always gripe about how SGreans/SEAsians/Mainland Chinese in general tend to destroy the whole look of a gorgeous dress by wearing mismatched shoes/sandals)

Anyways. Back to checking out the MANGO sale.

Really love these too! But it's a little pricey~~ ㅜㅜ
Apart from dresses, there're tons of tops and bottoms to pick from as well. But tinyceci really is a dress-holic. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so pardon the lack of other stuff.

I love the texture and detail on this wallet! Feminine, understatedly chic, and playful at the same time. 
Who says only pink = girly? 

오마이갓! There's the bag version as well! *^-^*

OMG actually found the fabulous dress on model in the Mango ad banner! Anddddd it's on SALE!!! 대박

Anddddd~ Last but not least, the shoe that goes with everything! Every lady needs to have a pair of the classic black peep toe heels for summer~~ I remember having a similar pair which I bought from a sale in a fancy shoe shop in Myeong Dong and it took me through the whole of my Summer internship in Shinhan Bank 신한은행 (Their SG office is also in a nice fancy building located near Hong Lim Park!) for 2 months.

There's this thingy in Korea that women wear open toes and paint their nails with fancy colors in Summer (which reminds me, please ALWAYS paint your nails before wearing anything that shows your toes! Naked toes with slippers, peep toes is a big NO-NO. My favorite color to wear is Fuchsia Pink for summer. ^-~), because it looks too "humid" and "hot" if you wear covered shoes during Summer. Similarly, if you wear these in Winter, the kimchi folks are going to think your feet is cold and that you're a little bonkers. ㅋㅋㅋ 

Shop till you drop! ^.^ 빠2~ ㅋ