Monday, November 30, 2015

Skinfood : yummy food for skin x ZALORA

Tinyceci is now in the land of kimchi with her mom typing this in the hostel. It feels really good to be back here! My second home~^^ The weather is my favorite type of chilly: 5-15 degrees Celsius but my skin isn't really agreeing with my elation since the dry weather takes some getting used to.

Anyway, so I started (restarted) using some skin packs and masks to restore moisture balance to my skin, which broke out the day we arrived. There are some secret tips Koreans use to do this at home using food ingredients, but thankfully for those of us who find it hard to keep track and store food for skin mask packs, there's SKINFOOD Singapore! Now available online~ ^^

I swear by using raw egg whites for break outs and in Korea(learned from my Korean beautician), it's really easy to store the excess raw egg whites in the fridge but in tropical countries like Singapore or Philippines, that's really tough without risking the whites getting contaminated or turning bad, so I'm really happy to see SKINFOOD came up with these products.

Also, the black sugar wash off mask is a great exfoliator! It's also much more cheaper compared to another brand F****.

Here're some masks for troubled skin (I'm really surprised the prices are so reasonable!)^^ : 

Next up, I know pore brushes are really popular in Singapore now and SKINFOOD also has their own! I love how they have a string thingy at the end so it's easy to hang it up for drying. 

Next up, I've been going crazy with lip tints whilst shopping here. There are just SO MANY lip tints to choose from! And they are so soooo good and pretty! Lipsticks are passé. Tints with a touch of gloss make such pretty gradient lips and they last all day...

With Christmas coming, SKINFOOD offers really good options for gifts under $10. Check this out! They are all so cute!!! Just buy one of each and mass presents for coworkers =done.

Christmas is coming ~!^^ HOHOHO better start planning for Christmas pressies now~

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